Wednesday, 4 July 2012

All clear on the MRI front

Have retreated to my own bed, in the middle of the afternoon on the first day of the summer holiday. House has been colonised already. All I can hear from here are birds, and the dog licking itself. I can't see the dog, so that's fine.

Just got back from the absolutely fabulous new hospital at Peterborough. When #3 had his MRI, on a Sunday 10 days ago, the hospital diagnostic bit was completely deserted. I have never been into a hospital where the reception is unmanned, where the lights flicker on and off, where you can hear the humming of machines you can't even see. A piece of paper said 'Wait here until we come for you'.  Today, the place was over-flowing. The fracture clinic was standing room only. We had to wait an hour, but the Registrar, when she came, was lovely. Explained all the bits of damage #3 has done, although neither of us really understood 100%. At least it is not some scary disease, although I stupidly left the piece of paper I tore out of the colour supplement, (describing the symptoms of a paraolympian which made me nervous) at home.

#2 is still recovering from having savaged his hair yesterday. He called out to me from the bathroom in  a voice of pure distress "oh my God, what have I done". Even with my gammy leg, I ran. I expected blood, or a broken window. In fact he had somehow managed to cut the front portion of his hair short,to about a 1 cm length, whilst leaving the top part long and parakeet-ish
Very astro boy. He was devastated. I took it seriously, of course, and he ended up cutting the rest off to match. Now he wants to get some doc martins...

News on Aunby? Not much, unless you count the rain. We have acquired a new sheep. This one has been raised with dogs, and so  refuses to associate with sheep. Was due for the chop because of this, until Becky stepped in and removed him to our stable. Now #4 takes him for walks on a lead. He is quite a cutey actually. But he can't hog the stable for ever, so may have to face his fellow sheep at some stage.

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