Thursday, 12 July 2012

Restless and Bored

Am thinking Turkey would be nice. The heat. The fact that they don't have a monsoon..... Meadow looking gorgeous though, and all trees growing like weeds. The rest of us restless and bored. #3 came back from a play date in tears - pure rage at the fact he had been inside all day (this the child they thought might be suffering from Ricketts, or vitamin D deficiency..)
#2 in London now, apparantly charming grandparents, while #1 is in Suffolk (not Scotland, as was planned) festering at the thought that he might be about to score a third trip to Nobu..

#4 is bankrupting me with Kindle. I know reading is good... but even so....

I imagine Ataturk will be busy this time of year. People waiting to jump off to far flung bits of Turkey. 

Ah well. 

Luis the lovely back next week to fix a beam or two, and a hole in the wall inexplicably excavated by one of our younger guests. The same room that it rained in.  A busy space....


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