Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bear Grylls Corner located in Lincolnshire meadow

Bear Grylls eat your heart out. Son number two has established base camp in a corner of the Aunby meadow, tucked behind one of the new oak trees. He has mined through undergrowth and created a leafy cavern. Bit muddy underfoot, but he has excellent view of the bridleway through the hedge at knee height. He did try and appropriate my brand new second-hand prada satchel as looking quite 'Bear' like. Thankfully I intercepted that. He now has a compadre here, and I feel the rest of the afternoon will be stake-out, followed by cook-out.
Poppies are looking gorgeous, somehow surviving the rain. 
Daughter number one skyped this morning from Laos, enjoying tubing, in a muddy river. She woke this morning with a bed full of ants, not a problem we have had to deal with here in Aunby, yet.

Other news, following the mysterious case of the rain inside bedroom number one, which is downstairs, I have managed to track down the stone mason, currently working on Lincoln city wall, he is coming to check out the ancient stone work, find out where the rain is getting in....

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