Monday, 25 June 2012

Old mirrors

I am sitting in Lincolnshire. The sun is shining. I can see insects flying about. The ground is practically steaming. There are screams and giggles coming from the trampoline.. Gorgeous evening. On the news, the weather man is telling me about the early warnings coming through for yet more torrential rain.
I booked tickets for our university reunion today - a mere 25 years. Seems appropriate since daughter one about to start her own clock ticking on that front. Funny things, reunions. However much you ignore the evidence in the mirror everyday, standing in a roomful of old mirrors kind of makes the point inescapable. Of course, I will be checking for staples behind the ears and those who do not appear to be able to frown... (botux...)

Oh and now Wimbledon is on. And there are shadows on the court. Yay!

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